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The Operator’s Licencing laws can sometimes be complicated.
You need to ask yourself what type of licence do I need, or do I actually need one at all?

Here are some of the questions to ask yourselves before moving forward:

  • Why do you require an operator’s licence?
  • What type of operator licence do you need?
  • How many vehicles and/or trailers will you need?
  • Have you someplace suitable to park your vehicles and trailers?
  • Have you someone competent to conduct regular vehicle maintenance and inspections?
  • Can you provide evidence of ‘financial standing’ to the Traffic Commissioner?
  • Do you have sufficient knowledge of drivers’ hours to ensure operator compliance?

Once the need for an Operators Licence has been reached, Consultancy JCM can help or lead the application process for your business, ensuring a swift solution that will answer all the questions above with a licence and compliance for your requirements.

Call us on 07825 333483 or contact us if you are interested in finding out how working with Consultancy JCM can benefit your business.