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Consultancy JCM offers a wide range of consultancy services based around ensuring road legal compliance, workplace reviews, health and wellbeing and crisis management.

We can assist you in meeting a particular short-term compliance goal or provide a longer term solution to your legally obligations and requirements.

Our consultancy services are totally flexible – available as ad hoc or on a ‘Pay as you go’ basis. You tell us when and how you require our input and we will deliver.

You might be a small business with fewer than 5 employees. You might be a larger organisation that is already well covered on road legal compliance but need some additional support and input.

A new management system, an accident at work, a business process change prompting the need for new requirements, operating abroad, a new vehicle, a new employee, on-going familiarisation and training – a few examples of the range of different services were we can assist, which will be tailored to meet your individual business needs.

Knowledge Building & Training

Our training is flexible and designed to suit your specific audience, incorporating both your industry requirements and business ethos.


DCPD (Driver CPC)

Consultancy JCM offer training solutions for your periodic DCPC training needs.


Transport Manager

If you need a TM then Consultancy JCM is the right place for you. Our experienced TM’s offer first class service to ensure your businesses Operator’s Licence is kept compliant.


Drivers Hours & Working Time Directive

Our tachograph and working time management software allows us to monitor real time available hours, and mirror these against other work that your employees do.


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Legal Compliance

Imagine if your minibuses were removed from your business – could you continue to deliver the service to your customers?


Driving Assessments

On-going assessments as to the standards of your drivers is a crucial tool to understand their ability and the safety of the passengers under their control.


Crisis Management

This is a task that many businesses fail to consider – it’s a difficult topic to consider and even harder to plan for.


Operators License

The Operator’s Licencing laws can sometimes be complicated; you need to ask yourself what type of licence do I need, or do I actually need one at all?


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