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What we offer

Does your business operate Minibuses for “Profit & Reward”?

If so then JCM Consulting are the solution for you.
Many schools operate minibuses but are unaware of the criteria required to operate them. If you are a profit or reward business (mainly private schools) then you must have an operator’s licence in place. Once in control of an operators licences you then, by law, must meet the undertakings within it.
This will involve driver’s hours, vehicle maintenance, licences and tacho analysis amongst other conditions.
Not to fear, JCM Consulting are experienced in guiding private schools through this process and putting in the correct procedures to fulfil the conditions of any licence.
Do you need experienced CPC holders (Transport Managers) to keep your Operators Licence Safe?
If so, we offer Transport Managers for any fleet size. If you need to outsource your Transport Manager responsibilities Consultancy JCM have experienced CPC holders who can assign themselves to a licence and manage all the undertakings, leaving you safe in the knowledge that your road compliance is sorted.

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Our approach

Relationships are key.

We believe a strong rapport provides the foundations to an effective way of working together, in which ever way you decide to partner with us.
At Consultancy JCM our approach is totally flexible, and we tailor our service to always consider your wider business objectives, whilst providing you with the best possible solution to your DVSA (Driver Standards Vehicle Agency) compliance. We offer a way of working together that fills any gaps you may have and gives you a level of practical support and assurance that suits your business culture and industry sector.
Our consultants are all IOSH (Institution of Occupational Safety and Health), and CPC (certificate of Professional Competence in Road Haulage) accredited, have at least 10 years’ experience, and are educated to degree level or equivalent.

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Our clients

At Consultancy JCM we work with all types of clients, from large organisations to small start-up businesses.
Each and every client is met with the same level of enthusiasm and commitment. We are extremely proud of the positive outcomes we have been successful in achieving to date for all of our clients.

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Call us on 07825 333483 or contact us if you are interested in finding out how working with Consultancy JCM can benefit your business.